Sacred Water: Gotcha Tahiti Pro 1999

Classics 28 mins 1999
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After the 98 Gotcha Tahiti Pro, it seemed that Teahupo couldn't get any more gnarly. Yet, the very next year, she delivered the goods in what can only be described as maxed out Teahupo. The trials took place in beautiful conditions with sub seal lever monsters marching down the reef. Some of the best surfers ever were there to charge em!

Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher

What's the difference?

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Synopsis With Teahupo now cemented firmly in the surfing worlds consciousness, the 1999 Gotcha Tahiti Pro took it a step further with the trials taking place in what can only be called maxing Teahupo. Except this time, conditions were perfect. Sub sea level monsters were marching down the reef and separating the men from the boys. While the finals took place in playful overhead surf, the contest was a memorable week of incredible surf and insane talent.
Athletes Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Rob Machado, Johnny Boy Gomes, Mark Occhilupo, Taj Burrow, Shane Dorian, Derek Ho, Cj And Damian Hobgood, Mick Campbell, Matt Hoy, Beau Emmerton, Malik Joyeux, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Cory Lopez, Shawn Briley, Manoa Drollet, Shane Beschen, Sunny Garcia
Genres Classic Surfing, Surfing Event Coverage, 1990s Surf Classics
Director Alastair Mckevitt
Studio Gotcha
Rating not rated
Runtime 28 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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