Surf Crazy

Classics 1 hr  8 mins 1959
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In Surf Crazy, Bruce Brown takes a group of surfers exploring deep into unsurfed Mexico, shows some vintage California surfing and then goes on to the mammoth waves of Hawaii. Features one of the biggest waves ever ridden at Waimea Bay.

Donald Takayama, Phil Stubbs, John LJ Richards

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What's the difference?

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Synopsis "Surf Crazy was my second surf film. It was 1959, Hawaii had just become a state and sputniks orbited the Earth while American rockets blew up with great regularity at Cape Canaveral. Most surfboards were still made of balsa wood and surfers were rarely found outside of Hawaii and Claifornia. Since my first film, Slippery When Wet, actually made a profit - two dollars - I figured I'd found a career and set out to make another film. SURF CRAZY, I decided, should feature more adventure and Mexico seemed the logical choice. There were thousands of miles of unexplored surf on the vast coastline and gasoline in Mexico was only 25 cents a gallon, which suited my budget just fine. No surfer to my knowledge had searched for surf much south of Mazatlan. We went all the way to Acapulco. Even when the surf wasn't much good, we were stoked. After all, it was the tropics with warm water and swaying palms, and we were the first to ever ride these waves. We drove 7,000 miles in a '57 Ford that had already turned over its odometer once. We visited some places that turned out, in later years, to be premier surf spots. I guess there wasn't much of a swell running when we were there, but that's the nature of surf - sometimes you hit it, sometimes you don't. We did find surf the winter of 1959-60 on the North Shore of Oahu. I think that winter at Waimea had some of the biggest surf ever ridden, even to this day." Bruce Brown
Athletes Donald Takayama, Phil Stubbs, John LJ Richards, Phil Edwards, Mike Diffenderfer, Jack Webb, Perry Nealson, Dick Thomas, Peter Van Dyke, Del Cannonn, Joey Cabell, Paul Gebauer, Peter Cole, Pat Curren, Ricky Grigg
Genres Classic Surfing, 1950s Surf Classics
Director Bruce Brown
Writer Bruce Brown
Studio Bruce Brown Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  8 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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