Episode 38

BoardStories Season 4

Documentaries 20 mins 2014
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Highlights and stories from the 2013 IBA Sandy Beach Bodyboard Challenge.

Mike Stewart, Jacob Romero, Trevor Kam

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Synopsis This episode focuses in on the 2013 IBA Hawaii Tour stop, the Sandy Beach Challenge. The newly resurged bodyboard tour gives Hawaii talent a chance to show their skills as well as qualify for the revered Pipeline event. Decoding the break, we talk to some of the riders, announcers and organizers to find out what the bodyboard scene in Hawaii is all about. We also talk with bodyboard legend Mike Stewart and hear his story of making it in the bodyboard world.
Athletes Mike Stewart, Jacob Romero, Trevor Kam, Happy Zurowski, Ben Severson, Kainoa McGee, Tanner McDaniel, Matt Holzman, Guilherme Tamega, Melanie Bartels, Mack Crilley, Noa Auweloa
Genres Surfing Documentaries
Director Tyler Rock
Studio Manulele Inc.
Rating not rated
Runtime 20 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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