Firsthand - Sunny Garcia

Biographical 22 minutes 2006
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Surfer Sunny Garcia competes in the Vans Triple Crown in Hawaii and closes out his World Championship Tour career at Pipeline.

Sunny Garcia

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Synopsis In this episode of Firsthand, we look through the eyes of professional surfer Sunny Garcia as he approaches the twilight of his career on the World Championship Tour of surfing. Sunny’s episode begins on his home island of Oahu where he sets off to the “big” island to promote the youth surfing scene there at one of the local contests. Sunny then returns to Oahu to compete in the first stop of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing series - Haliewa. It is there that Sunny surfs the only perfect 10 wave of the competition and lands an impressive 5th place amongst the world’s greatest surfers. Challenged with disappointing conditions at the Crown’s second stop of Sunset Beach, Sunny still manages to power through 15ft swells. As the grand finale, Sunny rounds up his career on the tour with a stab at the podium for surfing’s renowned “Banzai Pipe Masters”.
Athletes Sunny Garcia
Genres Biographical
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 minutes
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