Pro Surfboard Repair Secrets

Shaping 1 hr  50 mins 2008
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Composite technition and renowned surfboard repairer, Bart Watkins exposes trade secrets to achieve invisible ding repairs in this all revealing video.

Bart Watkins

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $9.99
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Synopsis Licensed Australian Composite Technician and ding repair expert Bart Watkins exposes trade secrets to achieving invisible ding repairs in this all-revealing video!

Surfboard manufacturers and many surf shop retailers have for years contracted or done their own in house repairs, keeping the real techniques and secrets of correctly repairing your surfboard to themselves.

By learning the trade secrets, skills and techniques that have been kept from the general public through our video you will learn from a professional ding repair technician how to master repairing your board correctly and importantly, also make that repair invisible, keeping your board looking newer for longer.

The skills learnt will be ones you will have for life and importantly, save you money. Heres to a longer life for our favorite boards! Professionally filmed on location in wide screen by renowned camera man and producer Mike Middleton. Extreme close ups and detailed footage reveals all the secret guarded techniques used by professional ding repairers. Bart leaves no tips or secrets out of this never-before-seen, all-revealing production Discover how to achieve the holy grail of ding repairs by making them invisible quickly and easily. Bart reveals all the tips that are generally unknown outside of the industry, including the 12 most common mistakes made by most people repairing their own surfboards that can be easily avoided. Using our secret solar activated formula, which is also available for purchase, Bart in never-before-seen detail shows step by step how to achieve the ultimate invisible ding repair in less than an hour so you can be back in the water in no time surfing again.
Athletes Bart Watkins
Genres Surfboard Shaping, Surfboard Repair
Director James Rubulis
Writer James Rubulis
Studio Pro DVD
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  50 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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