Episode 33

BoardStories Season 4

Documentaries 20 mins 2014
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Showcases the opening swell day at the Banzai Pipeline, tryouts for the Hawaii Surf Team, all the action from the 2013 HIC Pro Sunset, and a look at the annual Halewia Menehune Championships.

Mason Ho, Kalani Chapman, John Florence

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Synopsis This time on the show, opening day at Pipeline goes off for an action packed day of charging by visiting and local pros. The Hawaii Surf Team has their tryouts to pick a team to compete at the ISA World Junior Championships, the 2013 HIC Pro Sunset goes off in bombing surf where great rides and awesome perfomances steal the show. We also highlight the long running annual Halewia Menehune Championships as the launching pad for many of the North Shore's future professional surfers.
Athletes Mason Ho, Kalani Chapman, John Florence, Jamie O'Brien, Seth & Josh Moniz, Skip McCullough, Torrey Meister, Joel Centeio, Pancho Sullivan, Isaiah Moniz, Ian Walsh, Shane Beschen, Noah Beschen, Paumalu Malone, Gavin Gillette, Evan Valiere
Genres Surfing Documentaries
Director Tyler Rock
Studio Manulele Inc.
Rating not rated
Runtime 20 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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