Season 2

The Crew

Adventure 5 hrs  23 mins 2015
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5 | 1 ratings
Seasons: 321

The Crew Season 2 picks up on the personal journey of 3 best mates Mark Mathews, Kid Mac & Richie "Vas" Vaculik.

Michael Lawrence, Mark Matthews, Russell Bierke

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Season Details
Synopsis Pro surfer Mark Mathews attempts to get a Big Wave Surfing Tour up with the first event being at dangerous local break "Ours" with some of the best in the business competing including Bruce Irons, Shane Dorian & Jamie O'Brien. He also takes on bigger motivational talks in front of bigger crowds. Mark will also continue to chase the biggest waves around the world. Richie Vas continues his mission to securing a UFC contract with bigger fights locally, while facing the risk of losing his sponsorship deal. If he fails it's back to laying carpet. Kid Mac is now working on his second album & building a tour around it including Australia, Asia, Canada and the USA. Mac will also be juggling several other projects such as directing Mark's Cape Fear project, personal demons, & his biggest project to date, his wedding with fiancée Amy.
Athletes Michael Lawrence, Mark Matthews, Russell Bierke, Macario De Souza, Richie Vaculik, Riley Laing, Max Mcguigan, Ned Philpot, Mookhi, Merc Mason, Issac 'Headsplitter' Hardman, Jamie Mullarkey, Chris Casaceli, Issac 'Headsplitter' Hardman,
Genres Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure, Big Wave Surfing
Director Macario De Souza
Studio TMG Media
Rating not rated
Runtime 5 hrs  23 mins
Language English | Stereo