Time & Tide

East Coast Surfing 16 mins 2017
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Surfing in New York can be both complex, and beautiful. With all the elements needed to align, hours on end can be spent searching for good waves with no guarantee of scoring. Your best bet is to then surf through frigid winters which is where our story begins. New York Surfer Joe is on the search where he is reminded that Time and Tide waits for no man.

Alex Fawess, Brian Sheskier, Corey Stanton

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $4.99
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Synopsis The film was completely grassroots. It originally premiered June of 2017. That summer, it screened all over Long Island from Montauk to NYC benefiting charities along the way including Surfrider NYC, A Walk on Water, Save The Great South Bay and Run for Ryan Oehl. After that summer, the film made its way onto the surf film festival scene. It was recognized at festivals around the globe in locations like Santa Cruz CA., Noosa Australia, Portugal, London, and the Save The Waves Film Festival Tour and a recent DIY screening in Popoyo Nicaragua. For me, it was a really cool experience meeting people with strikingly similar passions i.e surfing and filmmaking. Also getting the chance to show and talk to people about what it's like surfing in NY was eye opening. I thought that in the current digital age everyone must know that here in NY we get better waves in the winter, and that we see the extremes of each season. A lot of people still had no idea it even snowed here let alone that we go surfing when it does.
Athletes Alex Fawess, Brian Sheskier, Corey Stanton, Matt Wunderlich, Christopher Blotiau, Josh Goetz, Douglas Milstein, Thor Larson, Richie Bogart, Adam Dufner, Teva Dexter, Travis Beckmann, Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Tyler Maguire, James Theobald, Tripoli Patterson, Mikey DeTemple, Ryan Saboe, Charlie Weimar, Jesse Joeckel, Grant Monahan, Ethan Grassini, Ryan Grassini, Eddie Fawess
Genres Surfing the East Coast, Surfing the East Coast, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure
Director Drew Maloney
Writer Drew Maloney
Studio Drew Maloney Productions Inc.
Rating not rated
Runtime 16 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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Stream HD | 1920x1080