Follow the Sun (1983)

NR 1 hour  18 minutes Classics
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Marvin Foster, Byron Wong, Mike Smith, Danny Conners, David Barr, Clyde Rogers, Pat Molhern, Jesse Fernandez, John McClure, Craig Coddle, Willie Morris, Davey Miller, Rich Meyers, Boobie Jones

Larry Bertlemann, Michael Ho, Martin Potter

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Synopsis Travel to remote beaches of war torn Central America (see never before seen photographed waves of Roca Bruja). Catch the waves of Puerto Rico, the North Shore, Outer Hawaiian Islands, California and the warm waters of the Carribean.

Check the Hot Aussies including Simon Anderson and Larry Blair terrorising the waves and Cheyne Horan conquering a Waimea monster on his 5' 8".

A hot collection of the worlds best, featuring Mark Richards, Tommy Curren, Michael Ho, Shaun Tomson, Dane Kealoha, David Barr and a whole lot more.

Body board master Daniel Kiama defies gravity performing el'rollos and 360's taking on 15-20 ft walls of water and the brilliant Wind Surfing on the Island of Maui is in a class of its own.
Genres Classic Surfing, 1980s Surf Classics
Athletes Larry Bertlemann, Michael Ho, Martin Potter, Shaun Tomson, Hans Hedemann, Gerry Lopez, Dane Kealoha, Cheyne Horan, Tom Curren, Randall Kim, Bobby Owens, Joey Buran, Alan Sarlow, Jay Adams, Davy Smith, Sam George, Mark Foo
Studio Scott Dittrich Films
Rating not rated
Running Time 1 hour  18 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 704x480 (928.46 MB)
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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