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Documentaries 45 mins 2015
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Documentary about the first surf magazine in Brazil.

Pepe Lopes, Ricardo Bocao, Rico de Souza

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Synopsis **Presented with English Subtitles**

In the early 70's, Brazil discovered surfing in all its intensity and shortly thereafter, the first Brazilian surf magazine. Initially improvised and amateur the magazine consolidates and becomes the reference for youth culture in the country.
Athletes Pepe Lopes, Ricardo Bocao, Rico de Souza, Daniel Friedman, Lipe Dylong, Fred Dorey, Alberto Pecegueiro, Evandro Mesquita, Flavio Dias, Klaus Milterdorf
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Surfing Competiton, Foreign Surf Films, Historical Surfing, Classic Surfing
Director Olivio Petit
Writer Olivio Petit
Studio Massangana Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 45 mins
Language Portuguese | Stereo (English Subtitles)
Captions English, Portuguese, English
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