The Find: Claiming Nelscott Reef

Big Wave 1 hr  12 mins 2010
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A film-noir surfing documentary based on the conflicts, challenges and rewards brought on by the discovery of a giant wave off the Oregon coast.

Grant Baker, Ion Banner, Ron Barron

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Gift Movie  $9.99
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Synopsis It is a surfers dream to find an unridden wave especially in their own backyard. But it can be a chore to those that actually do. John Forse found a perfect big wave in the Pacific Northwest and instead of keeping it to himself, he put together a pro contest to showcase and promote the evolution of big wave surfing. "The Find" is a documentary film focused on the first five years of the Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic. Watch as the contest overcomes local and financial obstacles to become the most consistent big wave event in the world and evolves from a tow surfing event into a Big Wave World Tour premier Paddle Only spectacle and leave controversy in it's wake.
Athletes Grant Baker, Ion Banner, Ron Barron, Shawn Barron, Osh Bartlett, Chris Bertish, Andrew Bierman, Mark Boulder, Vince Broglio, Raph Bruhwiler, Mike Brummett, Carlos Burle, Dan Callahan, Jeff Clark, Ross Clarke-Jones, Vince Collier, Ken Skindog Collins, Ace Cool, Andrew Cotton, Alistair Craft, Van Curaza, Don Curry, Benji Darrow, Shane Desmond, Jeremy Skiz Doudt, Derek Dunfee, Scott Eggers, Matt Esnard, Nathan Fletcher, Tyler Fox, Keith Galbreith, Jason Garding, Brad Gerlach, Chava Greenlee, Eraldo Gueiros, Ed Guzman, Steve Harnack, Dan Hasselschwert, Ryan Heim, Homer Henard, Tim Hinton. Justin Howard, Brett Hudson, Chad Jackson, Jeff Kafka, Andrew Kell, Peyo Lizarazu, Gary Linden, Greg Long, Rusty Long, Nacho Lopez, Andre Lorenz, Josh Loya, John Maher, Keith Malloy, Kealii Mamala, Garrett McNamara, Peter Mel, Stan Meurer, Tom Miller, Jamie Mitchell, Josh Mulcoy, Steve Nichols, Mike Parsons, Paul Antman Paterson, Mike Parnel, Jeremy Rasmussen, Adam Replogle, Rodrigo Resende, Shaun Rhodes, Ollie Richardson, Izzy Wybrow Robertson, Matt Rocky Rockhold, Richard Schmidt, Jeff Schmucker, Josiah Schmucker, Paul Pablo Schulte, Yuri Soledad, Anthony Tashnick, Everaldo Pato Texeira, Darryl Flea Virostko, Troy Virostko, Davey Smith, Joel Smith, Russel Smith, Tyler Smith, Tim West, Jake Wormhoudt, Zach Wormhoudt
Genres Big Wave Surfing, Surfing Documentaries
Director Erich Lyttle
Writer Erich Lyttle, Billy Miller
Studio Behemoth Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  12 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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