Holding On - The Skid Kids Story

Bodyboarding 1 hr  20 mins 2016
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Holding On is the incredible true story of a group of friends from Cronulla, who through their reckless, no-holds-barred approach to living life and riding waves changed the sport of bodyboarding forever.

Matt Percy, Dave Ballard, Nathan Nugget Purcell

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Synopsis Narrated by David Wenham (Blinky Bill, 300, Lord of the Rings, SeaChange), Holding On recounts the journey of 6 young men from Cronulla, who were united in the late 1980's by the exciting new sport of bodyboarding. From humble beginnings and overcoming much adversity, they were labeled the Skid Kids and would gain worldwide attention for their reckless, no-holds-barred approach to surfing Shark Island, a wave previously deemed un-rideable. Driven by the desire to push the limits in both wave-riding and life, the Skid Kids revolutionized board design, created innovative competitions and became infamous for their wild antics both in and out of the water. A classic Australian coming of age story, Holding On features never-before-seen footage and a killer soundtrack supervised by Parkway Drives Winston McCall.
Athletes Matt Percy, Dave Ballard, Nathan Nugget Purcell, Mark Fordham, Adam Wingnut Smith, Christian Rissole Riguccini, Ben Player, Chaz McCall, Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Guilherme Tamega, Damian King, Derek Reilly, Chris Stroh, Alex Leon, Terry Fleming, Eric Grothe Jr, Luke Egan, Mark Sorensen, Warren Wazza Feinbier, Michael Eppo Eppelstun, Nick Gibbs, Ross Hawke, Doug Robson
Genres Bodyboarding, Surfing Documentaries
Director Simon Bruncke, Trent Beattie
Studio Momentum 1 Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  20 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080