Hanging Five

Documentaries 52 mins 2009
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Examine the work of five extremely talented artists who all happen to be surfers.

Andy Davis, Tyler Warren, Julie Goldstein

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Synopsis Hanging Five is a film that follows five artists who all happen to be surfers. The film documents their work and looks at different aspects of their lives and how those experiences have impacted their work. The film also looks at why the surf culture embraces and supports the arts.

Someone said that if Dr. Seuss surfed, he'd be like Andy Davis. He's been drawing, doodling, and painting from a young age. His art captures the thrill and essence of the surfing experience. A very genuine and kind soul.

Born in Ecuador, Wolfgang Bloch's family has instilled in him an appreciation and respect for the arts from a young age. With much of his work consisting of found objects, his paintings are hauntingly beautiful. A graduate from ArtCenter College of Design, Wolfgang worked as a designer for various companies before plunging into the fine art world.

Alex Knost is a true renaissance man with his art encompassing painting, photography, filmmaking and music. Not only is he one of the most famous longboarders in the world, he's also the front man for his band-The Japanese Motors. They recently finished touring with Modest Mouse.

Tyler 'Pickle' Warren is a young Orange County surfer and is now becoming a well-known artist, whose work has been exhibited from Japan to Brazil. His work is stylized with deep richness and lighthearted charm with many within the surf community becoming collectors and fans.

Julie Goldstein is from San Diego and her textured pieces blend fabric and acrylic with an artistic flow and spirit to her ocean homage.
Athletes Andy Davis, Tyler Warren, Julie Goldstein, Alex Knost, Wolfgang Bloch
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Surfing Art & Culture
Director Christopher Cutri
Studio Christopher Cutri
Rating not rated
Runtime 52 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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