Stop the Wave, I Want to Get Off

1960s Classics 1 hr  19 mins 1965
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A 1965 classic surf film showcasing big wave riding at Pipeline and Waimea, Maui waves ridden by Butch Van Artsdalen and Mickey Munoz. California surfing at the Wedge and Ventura. Includes funny skits, skimboarding, and has John Severson, Corky Carroll and Mickey Munoz slalom skateboarding around soup cans.

Mickey Munoz, Butch Van Artsdalen, JJ Moon

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $9.99
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Synopsis In the small but passionate world of surfing nostalgia aficionados, there's much discussion regarding the most classic surf movie ever seen... "Stop the Wave, I Want to Get Off" was a professionally filmed, sharply cut and creatively edited 16mm classic, featuring epic Yokohama Bay footage, rarely seen North shore hot dog sessions and a classic segment with George Downing, Ricky Grigg and Keoloha Kaio riding perfect Laniakea on one of the first days it was surfed. "It was in the Bud Browne/Bruce Brown/Greg Noll mode", said Baker. "But the thing had its own swing. And the humor was definitely a cut above"
Athletes Mickey Munoz, Butch Van Artsdalen, JJ Moon, Corky Carroll, John Severson, Joey Cabell, George Downing, Sammy Lee, Peter Cole, Richard Chew, Bill Fury, Fred Hemings, Rabbit Kekai, Nat Young, Candy Calhoun, Jim Craig, Rusty Miller, Dick Metz, Greg Noll, Buzzy Trent, Chubby Mitchell, Jeff Hakman, Ricky Grigg, Steve Cabell, Stoney Burke, Keoloha Kaio
Genres 1960s Surf Classics, Classic Surfing
Director Jim Wilhoite
Writer Jim Wilhoite
Studio Jim Wilhoite production
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  19 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Download SD | 716x480 (1.88 GB)
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