Chasing Amazing Winter Waves

Shortboarding 48 mins 2024
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Chasing Amazing Winter Waves has the best footage in surfing history of a beachbreak in California. Bobby Martinez going bezerk! EXCLUSIVE!!! This film is a visual exploration of California's iconic surf spots. The joy of riding the perfect wave, inviting viewers on an unforgettable journey through the winter waves of California's coast.

Bobby Martinez, Cole Houshmand, Trevor Gordon

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $8.99
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Synopsis Chasing Amazing Winter Waves is a dynamic surf film that unfolds along the sun-soaked California coastline, capturing the essence of the vibrant surf culture. Filmed at iconic surf spots including Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Pismo Beach, the movie features a stellar cast of surfers. The film begins in Ventura, where Bobby Martinez and legend Conner Coffin deliver an unforgettable display of skill on the best day ever filmed at a California beach. They both deliver an insane amount of skill scoring incredible tube rides. The journey continues up the coast to Santa Barbara, where Dane Reynolds showcases his progressive and innovative surfing against the backdrop of the majestic coastline. Oxnard becomes the stage for Reef Hazlewood and Eithan Osborne, highlighting the diverse and multifaceted nature of California's surf scene. Los Angeles adds an urban twist to the film, with Griffin Colapinto navigating waves against iconic cityscapes, seamlessly blending city life with surf subculture. Pismo Beach, a hidden gem, hosts Dimitri Poulos and Sam Coffey, immersing themselves in the local community's laid-back vibe. The film reaches its climax at Sandspit, where a once-in-twenty-years swell transforms the break into a tube-riding paradise. Kilian Garland and Trevor Gordon lead the charge, navigating epic tubes with skill and precision.
Athletes Bobby Martinez, Cole Houshmand, Trevor Gordon, Kilian Garland, Dimitri Poulos, Sam Coffey, Conner Coffin, Griffin Colapinto, Dane Reynolds, Eithan Osborne
Genres Shortboarding
Director Joshua Pomer
Writer Joshua Pomer
Studio Helios Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 48 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Download HD | 1280x720 (1.48 GB) SD | 960x540 (1.44 GB)
Stream HD | 1920x1080